About us

Our Company

CANTOOLS DIAMOND APPLICATIONS ™ is one of the professional diamond tools companies in Canada focusing on independent research and development, production and wholesale. The headquarter is located in the beautiful British Columbia, enabling us to provide the fastest shipping to different areas around the world in a punctual and accurate manner. Our products cover the field of stones, ceramics and construction processing for both residential and commercial applications. The products we manufactured are more than ordinary commodities; they are pieces of art that assist our clients to reach their desires and allow for even more gorgeous achievement. The strategic insight of our company is to become the most popular brand in the industry.

We set unified standards for all of our products and guarantee that we will provide to our clients with, those are the performance, security and environmental protection. Also design, R&D, manufacturing, examination, sales or customer services are all vital for us because they represent not only clients’ trust in our brand, but also the mission of our company’s culture and the spirit of pursuing excellence. We will never be compromising with even a tiny mistake in any products or service, and continue to be on our way to chase and achieve the highest level of professionalism.

Our Mission

  • Continuing to strengthen the R&D part based on market.
  • Providing the most reliable customer service to our clients to offer the greatest convenience and highest performance experience.
  • We constantly deepen and intensify our close cooperation with the distributors and clients to achieve “TRIPLE WIN”.